Why Choose Us?

Our Holistic Approach

We have a passion for guiding and coaching children to reach their full potential. We inspire and motivate children while instilling confidence and belief in themselves on their learning journey. As they realise their own growth and improvement in their literacy and mathematics skills they also discover their love of learning. Sometimes, children simply need to be reminded of how much they already know, and to honour and value their own way of thinking and learning.

We believe in a holistic approach to learning and ensure relationship quality is at the centre of all we do. We value building a positive working relationship with our students and believe in the longevity and connection working with a student over many months and even years can provide. When children are excited and motivated to come to their session, more learning can take place. We pride ourselves on our retention rate; tutoring many primary school students well into their high school years along with their siblings and friends.

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The Quality and Personalised Content

Being qualified teachers, our tutors ensure the work set is aligned with the National and State Curriculum and literacy and numeracy outcomes. Where necessary, we aim to fill gaps and reinforce challenging concepts resulting in increased confidence and improved achievement. Specific learning needs are also tailored for the individual child and for older children, their input into the learning journey is encouraged and valued, giving them a sense of agency in the learning process.

Passion, Experience, Commitment & Dedication

Amanda, founder of Amanda Maie Inspired Learning, is a highly qualified classroom teacher, learning support specialist and literacy and maths coach with 25 years experience working in a range of leading private schools in Sydney, International Baccalaureate schools in the United States and a variety of primary schools in Queensland.

Amanda began to branch out on her own as an educational consultant, teaching teachers, which allowed her to explore a broad range of educational approaches, research current educational strategies and best practice and ultimately develop a range of educational approaches that have led to improved outcomes for students, teaching in a way that allows children to find their strengths and flourish.

Our other tutors are carefully chosen with a high level of experience, teaching qualifications and value a holistic approach to learning, nurturing and building on the child’s strengths while inspiring and motivating a love of learning.

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The Feedback and Communication

Our tutors understand the benefits and need for open communication to ensure your child’s learning journey is productive, valuable and fun. Regular reflections and evaluations are provided and we encourage your feedback and your child’s feedback to help tailor our approach to your child.

The Online Convenience

Modern learning for the modern student. Our individual, paired or group sessions are online using ZOOM which is the leading way to enrich online teaching and learning while maintaining connection and relationships. Through our interactive sessions where our students and teachers are face to face over video communication, connection is found and learning can take place.

ZOOM also allows for the student and teacher to share their screens so the teacher is ‘virtually’ side by side the student. Google Docs is also another effective way our tutors interact, collaborate and give feedback in real time. Other online platforms like Google Classroom and See Saw can also be used to enhance the session by completing work posted on these platforms prior to the ZOOM lesson and then follow up work can be set.

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Our Tutoring Community

We believe it takes a village to raise a child so we aim to work collaboratively with you, your child’s teachers and any other professionals to ensure together we are meeting specific needs and helping to propel your children forward, all while reminding them of and focusing on their strengths.