Personalised ZOOM Learning

We offer personalised sessions which will be tailored specifically to your child’s needs. Short term and long term goals set collaboratively, immediate feeedback given, and the learning  journey to be led by the child, ultimately increasing their confidence and a sense of agency. 

Individual, Personalised & Supportive

45 & 60 minute slots available

  • Target specific learning needs
  • Build confidence and remind children of their strengths
  • Fill in foundational gaps to help children find their wings

Reqest Pricing

Amanda would love to learn more about your child and their needs. Call today for pricing and packages and a complimentary 30 minute chat. 

Through interactive online ZOOM sessions, where students and teachers are face to face over video communication, connection is found and learning can take place. ZOOM also allows for the student and teacher to share their screens so the teacher is ‘virtually’ side by side the student. We also love using online platforms like Google Classroom, collaborative Google Docs and See Saw which are used to enhance our sessions. 

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