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Book Tribe is our online book club that is running these holidays. To secure your place, go to our home page or click here to get more information.


Holiday Programs


Writing is life work, not desk work. When children unlock the power of words and find their own voice, their world can change. Writing success has the pwoer to change lives and with explicit instruction, kids can excel.

We are offering 2 kinds of writing workshops over the Winter break:

  • expository/persuasive essay writing- publishing and sending a persuasive letter on a meaningful topic
  • creative writing- publishing a short story of a topic of interest.

Children will understand the power of purposeful, meaningful writing and learn strategies to enhance the skills they already have. We will also explore the Writing Process and at the end of the workshop have a published creative story or a letter ready to be mailed off. And, we will have a load of fun!!


Having a passion for art, I love helping kids bring out their creativity and realise what artistic creators they are. The group art classess are run from the comfort of your home and require minimal materials.

Winter holiday art classes will be on offer.

African Animal Half-Half

This amazing drawing lesson will focus on realism, value, shading and proportion.

Abstract Op Art 

We will journey through colour and explore the optical illusion this style of art can create.

Playing with Pastels

Create your very own masterpiece as you explore pastels and all their magic.

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